Diacle provides comprehensive licensing and regulatory compliance services. We assist startups and established businesses Design, Develop and Deploy innovative regulated businesses. Our prime specialism is assisting clients that leverage blockchain technology to provide a regulated service.


Our licensing services are comprehensive and include:
- Construction of Regulatory Business Plan
- Internal controls documentation
- IT Security (ISO standards) with audit
- Software testing (RNG Certification for gamtech companies)
- Financial forecasts
- Business and tax structuring
- Intellectual Property protection (patents/trade marks)
- Legal contracts
- Business process outsourcing (Customer Support)
- Regulatory liaison
- Recruitment of local professionals
Once the licence has been submitted we support you in post-submission regulatory liaison. Closer to the licence being issued we assist you to gradually mobilise the business in preparation for the licence being issued. Post-issuance of the licence, we provide ongoing support for all compliance, legal and IT security matters.

Sandbox & Clearance

Where it is unclear whether licensing is a requirement then we will encourage an engagement strategy to ensure that you are compliant. This might be assisting you in joining a regulatory Sandbox. This would have the objective of providing some oversight over your business and credibility without necessarily a requirement for licensing. In certain instances you may be more concerned in receiving advice from the regulator that your current business activities are unregulated. We would assist you in achieving regulatory clearance. This would involve organising meetings/ correspondence with regulators to discuss your model in detail and have them approve the model.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts design

We assist clients create legally enforceable smart contracts. We structure, design and review smart contracts. Our core team draws on our specialist smart contract engineers. We also provide a regulatory mapping and compliant design service for blockchain projects. We will look at your short/medium and long term goals and intended business structure. We will then work with you to identify a compliant modular, internationally scalable blockchain system that meets your business objectives.


- Payments firms
- Electronic money/ Stored Value firms
- Crowdfunding/ P2P lending plaforms
Blockchain businesses:
- Digital asset trading systems
- Security clearance systems
- Loan origination
- Financial derivatives
- Decentralised trading
- New blockchain protocol development and ICO planning
- Gambling systems

Global Reach

We look at your idea from an international perspective. We identify the best and most favourable jurisdiction for your idea to thrive in.
Here are some of the jurisdictions where we provide support:
- UK: FCA licensing/ Regulatory Clearance/ ICOs
- Luxembourg: Licensing/ Regulatory Clearance
- Switzerland: ICOs
- US: MSB licensing/ Regulatory Clearance
- China: Legal advice
- Hong Kong: Licensing/ Sandbox/ ICOs
- Singapore: Licensing/ Sandbox/ ICOs
- Isle of Man: Licensing/ ICOs
- Dubai: Licensing

Our Team

Adam Vaziri: Fintech and Blockchain lawyer
Craig James: Payments industry compliance executive
Yves Nicholson: Project manager and paralegal
Neil Hare-Brown: IT Security/ software auditing
Mariangela Marchetti: Senior compliance officer
Nigel Reed: Senior compliance officer
Steven Ormond-Smith: Senior Accounting and Finance
Catherine Robinson: Accounting and Finance
Lee Hills: Business model and plan development
Luxembourg: Franz Fayot (compliance/legal)
Hong Kong/China: Gloria Carmen (compliance/financials)/ Henry Yu (legal)
Dubai: Sameer Sorter (business access)
Singapore: Asif Ahmed (compliance/financials)
Michael Harrison: Intellectual Property registrations
Mihai Cimpoesu: Smart Contracts

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Simon Dixon
Bnk to the Future

“Adam has worked with us on regulatory matters and he has been reliable and demonstrates a strong understanding of fintech innovation and international compliance.”

Litecoin Association

A big thank you to [..] @adam_diacle and the @Litecoin community for helping to keep #Litecoin free and open - Tweet from @LitecoinAssoc

Luis Trujillo VP

Diacle can assist you with global licensing projects and banking relationships, at Uphold we would recommend them

Timo Schlaefer
CEO CryptoFacilities / Cryptofacilities

Adam is our consultant re legal and business matters and a wizard when it comes to the interaction of crypto and legal in the UK

Amy Ludlum Bitpesa

“The Diacle team helped us through the process of obtaining a licence as a payment institution in the UK as an innovative fintech/blockchain business. They explained the process, developed all the documentation we needed and liaised with the FCA and HMRC throughout. They are a highly professional team and would recommend them for anyone needing 'blockchain' compliance/legal services.”

Joseph Issa
Joseph Issa

[Adam] is one of the most thorough, deadline driven, articulate and elegant individuals that I have come across in my almost 30 year working career. In addition to this, he is absolutely straight and honest and leaves no stone unturned.

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